Intensive Programme on
Multimedia and the Future Internet: Moving Social and Mobile

Objectives and Activities


The "Multimedia and the Future Internet: Moving Social and Mobile" Intensive Programme (IP) deals with some of the most challenging themes within the ICT arena: the provisioning of demanding video services over the Internet, blended with the innovative aspects of mobile social networking.

Main Activities

For approximately two weeks, students and instructors from each University will participate to: lectures; interactive work; round-table and plenary discussions; quality evaluation of all activities.

Lectures will be organized into theoretical sessions on interdisciplinary, transversal themes that are not covered in full at the participating institutions. Lectures will be paired by practical case studies and work in groups where students coming from different countries will be asked to confront and produce some collective work.

See the work programme for a detailed schedule.

Expected outputs and learning outcomes

The IP is meant to build among PhD students a critical knowledge and understanding of the most innovative technical challenges that are emerging over the Internet, placing a specific emphasis on media networking, delivery, search and quality assessment in both the wired and wireless Internet settings.

The participating students will build a sound awareness of the emergent and future network services. Members of the teaching staff will exchange views on how to introduce innovative content in their courses and will test their methods in an international, open classroom environment.